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Stress Therapy in Midtown Atlanta

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Individual Psychotherapy in Midtown Atlanta

Stress therapy in Midtown Atlanta
Stress therapy in Midtown Atlanta

At Atlanta Psychiatric Consultation Center, we offer stress therapy in Midtown Atlanta for those who are coping with stress and need individual psychotherapy. Our counselors are trained in dealing with many different stressful issues and provide a safe, comfortable environment in which each patient may relax and find themselves better able to speak about their feelings and emotional issues. We have experienced counselors who can talk to you about stress reduction, stress therapy, and how to lower stress levels.

One event that can bring on major stress is the death of a loved one. Losing a friend, family member or loved one can be difficult for many people to deal with on their own. Many people who are dealing with death find that they feel things such as emotional numbness, mourning, depression, guilt, fear and anger. Anxiety and distress may rule their daily lives as they try to sort out the painful feelings. Everyone has their own way of grieving, but over time, healing can happen. It is important to allow the process to unfold naturally and without judgment. During your stress therapy in Midtown Atlanta, our counselors can help you learn to express your feelings and to gain the strength you need to cope with losses. Working through emotions during this phase is important. Sharing the loss with a friend or counselor makes the burden easier to deal with.

Many people find that sharing their emotions and stories with a psychotherapist or counselor helps to relieve some of their pain. Developing coping skills to overcome the obstacles people feel they are facing while living and dealing with stress is important to leading a healthier lifestyle. Our doctor, Dr. Funmilayo Rachal, emphasizes treatment that focuses on personalized care that promotes wellness and social and psychological well being. Improved function and the ability to manage stress is the goal of our therapy and stress reduction techniques. Our treatment plans are individualized to help each person realize their wellness goals. Dr. Rachal may integrate the use of medication along with therapy if needed, although stress therapy in Midtown Atlanta is the first priority in dealing with issues.

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