Midtown Atlanta Couples Psychotherapy

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Couples Psychotherapy in Midtown Atlanta

Midtown Atlanta Couples Psychotherapy
Midtown Atlanta Couples Psychotherapy

If you are looking for an excellent psychiatrist who specializes in couples psychotherapy, then you will want to visit our top-notch psychiatrist at our Atlanta Psychiatric Consultation Center. Many couples have come to see us for Midtown Atlanta couples psychotherapy and have experienced excellent results working with our psychotherapist

At our psychiatric practice, our expert and highly trained psychiatrist is Dr. Funmilayo Rachal. Dr. Rachal is a board-certified adult and forensic psychiatrist. She specializes in treating patients who have mood and anxiety disorders, professionals in crisis, patients with personality disorders, and issues of intimacy and sexual dysfunction. Our doctor specializes in treating patients who have problems related to poor self-esteem, assertiveness, and relationship dysfunction. Patients enjoy working with her, and find that she works very well with couples. In doing so she is able to let each patient’s concerns be voiced and addressed during these treatment sessions for Midtown Atlanta couples psychotherapy.

At our practice, we offer Midtown Atlanta couples psychotherapy for patients who have significant problems in their relationship. During our couple’s therapy, couples are able to greatly improve their communication skills with each other. This treatment can also help couples cope with transitions within the relationship, such as separation or loss. Our psychotherapist will help you and your partner determine what exactly your areas of conflict are. Once these areas are discovered, our doctor will be able to suggest new ways that you both will be able to interact so that you each can increase your feeling of satisfaction within the relationship. If you wish, our doctor will work with the couple members individually or together as a unit. Issues of sexual dysfunction can also be addressed during this couples therapy. If you would like to come and meet with our psychotherapist for couple’s therapy, contact us for an appointment. Many couples have already taken this step and are now living much more fulfilling and happier lives as a result, resulting from better communication with their partner. Other treatments which can be received at our psychotherapy center are: individual psychotherapy; medication management; and forensic psychiatric assessments. Our doctor provides personalized and customized psychiatric care, and works with patients to promote wellness, psychological and social well-being, and improve personal and professional functioning.

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