Psychotherapy in Atlanta Georgia

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Psychotherapy services in Atlanta Georgia

Psychotherapy in Atlanta Georgia
Psychotherapy in Atlanta Georgia

If you are looking for a dedicated psychotherapist who can provide a variety of psychotherapy services, you will want to contact us at Atlanta Psychiatric Consultation Center. When you need psychotherapy in Atlanta Georgia or need other psychotherapy services such as psychotherapy evaluation, you should contact us where you will be seen by our top-notch psychotherapist, Dr. Funmilayo Rachal.

Our doctor is a board-certified adult and forensic psychiatrist. When patients come to our doctor for psychotherapy in Atlanta Georgia she can treat them for many different problems including: mood and anxiety disorders; professionals in crisis; personality disorders; and problems with intimacy and sexual dysfunction. She works with many patients who have problems related to poor self-esteem, problems with assertiveness, and relationship dysfunction. Our doctor also is dedicated to increasing mental health awareness in the public, and helping to educate medical providers about professionalism in psychiatry. When you come to see our doctor for psychiatric services, our doctor will perform an in-depth assessment of your psychiatric, developmental, and biological factors that can all be a factor in your psychological distress. Our doctor can integrate different types of treatment modalities which can include individual or couples therapy. If your problem would best be treated with psychopharmacological intervention, our doctor can prescribe medications for you, as well. Most of our doctor’s therapy sessions will regularly run for 50 minutes. When adults have relationship problems, our doctor can provide couples therapy to help couples improve their communication skills. Couples therapy is also helpful for people who are experiencing transitions in their relationship – which can include separation or loss. Many of our doctor’s patients benefit from both medication and psychotherapy. This can be integrated into one appointment with our doctor, on an ongoing basis.

For an appointment to meet with our doctor for psychotherapy in Atlanta Georgia, simply contact our office for an initial appointment.

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