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Couples Therapy in Atlanta

Atlanta Psychotherapist
Atlanta Psychotherapist

At Atlanta Psychiatric Consultation Center, our Atlanta psychotherapist, Dr. Funmilayo Rachal, specializes in the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders for individuals as well as couples therapy and family therapy. Dr. Rachal is a board certified psychiatrist and a graduate of Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. She specializes in patients who struggle with relationship dysfunction and low self-esteem. With her approach to couple’s therapy, patients can find the peace of mind they need in a safe and comforting atmosphere.

Those seeking couples therapy can now find relief and meaning in their relationships once again. With couple’s therapy, patients learn to communicate and are empowered to helping each other progress in a healthy way in the relationship. Patients learn to interact and resolve conflict, one of the main issues most couples have. Better communication leads patients to have a better understanding of each other, and of themselves as an individual. Couples learn how to reconnect and sustain the relationship using the tools they are taught by our Atlanta psychotherapist. Actively working to communicate, resolve conflict and to break unhealthy patterns is a main goal of couples therapy. Many life stressors can take their toll on a relationship, such as work, finances and relationships with other people within the family unit.

Our Atlanta psychotherapist teaches couples that they can be happy again using these tools and learning how to interact with each other with intensive methods. Therapy can last from a few months to six months or longer, as needed. The communication breakdowns that couples suffer begin to lessen, and are replaced with healthier, more constructive methods. Trust, affection and love is restored again, and the relationship revived once more. For more information on individual, family or couples therapy, or to schedule an appointment, call our offices today to get back on the road towards emotional wellness.

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