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Atlanta Marriage Therapy

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Marriage counseling in Atlanta

Atlanta marriage therapy
Atlanta marriage therapy

Marriage is a collection of compromises and decisions both subtle and complex, good relationships often need to be adjusted in order for the marriage to continue on solid ground. No matter how romantic or loving the relationship may have started married couples often need to have a little help from an expert to work out any problems that may be impinging on their ability to share life’s moments. Dr. Funmilayo Rachal, MD at our Atlanta Psychiatric Consultation Center offers Atlanta marriage therapy couples to those couples that are dealing with stressful periods in their relationship.

It may take a significant amount of work but couples can very often overcome the problems in their relationship. Our doctor uses proven techniques during Atlanta marriage therapy to assist our clients to better communicate with each other and to identify areas of their relationship where conflicts may arise and then work with the couples to develop ways to resolve those conflicts. Conflicts arising in a relationship can stem from financial, commitment, communications or sexual issues among others or may have several different underlying components.

While Atlanta marriage therapy can encompass several different methods and techniques depending on what our doctor determines the needs of each individual couple to be, there are several aspects that are common to every therapeutic process. During therapy our doctor will endeavor to change the partners’ view of the relationship and have it become more objective. The therapy process will attempt to modify the ways the partners behave towards each other. Often one or both partners will avoid expressing their private feelings towards the other; our doctor will decrease this emotional avoidance and bring these feelings out so they can be discussed openly. The goal is to improve communications between the partners and to promote the strengths of the relationship. If there are problems in your relationship please come into our office for a consultation.

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