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Forensic Psychiatry Services in Atlanta

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Forensic Psychiatry in Atlanta

Expert forensic psychiatry is not a luxury, but a necessity, so when you cannot accept any less than the best, turn to us at Atlanta Psychiatric Consultation Center, where Dr Rachal has the experience to handle the situation.

Our forensic psychiatry services in Atlanta covers matters of medical, psychological, and legal import, which often intersect. Whether you have a criminal or civil case to litigate, or the circumstances are with respect to employment, take advantage of the abilities that our board certified forensic psychiatric puts to use for your benefit. Our forensic psychiatry services in Atlanta include making determinations of criminal responsibility, competency to stand trial, and even violence risk assessments. You cannot afford to take chances. You want dependable evaluations that will hold up to scrutiny. In employment cases, some of the ways in which Dr. Rachal assists in in deciding whether a potential candidate is fit for duty. Independent medical evaluations an psychosexual evaluations are conducted, as well. It is crucial that both the assessment and the supporting paperwork are done with attention to detail, and you can be assured that both will be. We understand all that is at stake and how much there is to lose when mistakes are made or essential aspects are left out. You will be confident with our services, though, because we are dedicated to accuracy and thoroughness. Winning cases and making sure that all bases are covered when it comes to new hires are not things that should be handled casually. You need someone who takes it as seriously as you do, and when it comes to forensic psychiatry, that is precisely what you get with Dr. Rachal.

Please reach out to us when you need our forensic psychiatry services in Atlanta. We are here to help, and you will be able to count on the highly professional attitude that is the foundation of our organization.

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