Couples therapy in Atlanta

Couples Therapy in Atlanta

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Couples therapy in Atlanta

Couple’s therapy is a great way for couples to reconnect and sustain their relationship through the therapeutic process. Those seeking couples therapy in Atlanta can find what they need at Atlanta Psychiatric Consultation Center. Once couples have the tools they need to make it work, they can build a lasting relationship and commitment to one another.

Over time stresses can create pressure on couples. Everyday life and bills can take their toll, causing couples to have breakdowns in communication. Conflict is something that happens in every relationship. The key to solving stress problems and communication barriers depends on how the couple responds to the conflict. It also depends on how the couple resolves conflict. Dr. Rachal teaches couples to identify the areas that are causing conflict and then suggests new ways to communicate and interact with one another, ways that increase each partner’s satisfaction inside the relationship. Our couples therapy in Atlanta encompasses many different problems, from sexual dysfunction to resentments that some couples experience, to arguments and to communication breakdowns. Certain relationship transitions can also create problems, and each person within the relationship needs the proper tools to deal with that.

Dr. Rachal can teach couples how to interact in a healthier, more loving manner. This helps to increase trust, communication and affection. Dr. Rachal can also recommend medication as well as psychotherapy for individuals who need both combinations to succeed in therapy. Those experiencing work related stresses can come to our office and seek treatment as well. Dr. Rachal is experienced in treating individuals who are experiencing some type of professional stress and helps them to create a support system that can help them succeed in the workplace. For more information on couples therapy in Atlanta, call our offices today. We are open Monday through Thursday.

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