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Psychiatry Office Atlanta

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Psychiatrist in Atlanta

If you’re an adult looking for high quality psychiatric services, you’re in the right place. Our expert psychiatrist at our Psychiatry office Atlanta, Atlanta Psychiatric Consultation Center is a highly qualified, experienced psychiatrist. Our expert, Dr. Funmilayo Rachal, MD, is a board certified adult and forensic psychiatrist. Dr. Rachal has also completed her adult general psychiatric.

Our Psychiatry office Atlanta offers the following services: general psychiatric services, forensic psychiatry and an evaluation team. Our general psychiatric services include a comprehensive initial assessment. The comprehensive assessment includes an in-depth assessment of many factors that can contribute to a person’s psychological distress. These important factors that are assessed during the comprehensive evaluation include: developmental, psychiatric and biological factors. Dr. Rachal has a very pragmatic, eclectic approach. She integrates a variety of different treatment modalities including: individual therapy, couples therapy and careful psychopharmacological intervention. Dr. Rachal and her individual patient decide on the frequency of “talk therapy”. The majority of sessions are typically fifty minutes. Couples therapy is offered to adult couples who are experiencing significant problems in their relationship. Dr. Rachal works with couples to improve their communication skills and to cope with transitions within the relationship, such as separation and loss. She helps each partner in the relationship to identify areas of conflict and suggests new ways to interact in order to improve the satisfaction in the relationship. Dr. Rachal offers patients combined treatment and medication. Many individuals who receive medication also participate in therapy. In addition to individuals and couples, the general psychiatric services also include assistance for professionals in crisis. This is an individual who is struggling with work-related stress, such as not meeting work goals, disruptive behavior, or is dealing with sexual harassment allegations. Dr. Rachal is a forensic psychiatrist. She has the expertise in employment related evaluations and has the competency to stand trial. Please call our office to learn more detailed information about Dr. Rachal’s forensic psychiatry services.

Give our Psychiatry office Atlanta a call to book your initial appointment with our expert psychiatrist. We look forward to your call and to assisting you.

Dr, Funmilayo Rachal
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Atlanta , Georgia 30309
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