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What is forensic psychiatry in Atlanta

You deserve only the best when you need expert assistance. Here at Atlanta Psychiatric Consultation Center, we can assure you that you have come to the right place for skilled forensic psychiatric services. What is forensic psychiatry and how can it meet your needs? That’s what we will be answering below.

There are many instances where you need to, for legal purposes, determine someone’s competency. It may be in preparation for a criminal trial, or it could be in relation to civil litigation. But there are other times when it is linked to employment or other sensitive areas where you simply cannot afford to take chances. Our forensic psychiatry office Atlanta can help in a variety of circumstances, such as determining criminal responsibility, and in violence risk assessments. Dr. Rachal is a board certified forensic psychiatrist, so you can be assured that the evaluations made are accurate, and if necessary will hold up in a court of law or to legal challenges. In addition to the services already described, our forensic psychiatry office Atlanta performs psychosexual evaluations. You will be provided with all of the supporting documentation necessary. We are committed to thorough work, because our valued clients expect and deserve nothing less than fully detailed information. After all, you are looking to protect yourself and your department or organization. When it comes to legal cases, our goal is to support you in winning it. And with employment, it is crucial that you have nothing less than 100% confidence in your selection.

Our forensic psychiatric office Atlanta is here to help you. Put your trust in the experience of Dr. Rachal along with the strength of our stellar reputation, which has been well earned. Professionalism and meticulous work are our solemn commitment. Contact us to take advantage of our services.

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