Atlanta psychotherapist office

Atlanta Psychotherapist Office

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There are many benefits that can be derived from seeing a psychotherapist, from achieving relief from the impact of depression and anxiety to working out specific problems that are causing obstacles to a satisfying and joyous life with the high level of peace of mind you want and deserve. At Atlanta Psychiatric Consultation Center, there is every reason to feel positive about the results that are possible.

At our Atlanta psychotherapist office, we want you to be aware that there are distinctions among therapy, counseling, and psychotherapy. Here, you will work with our experienced professional to uncover the sources of your difficulties and challenges. Psychotherapy goes much more deeply and often occurs over a more extended time period. The way that our Atlanta psychotherapist office approaches your treatment is going to be unique because your needs, preferences, medical history, and life circumstances are completely different from those of anyone else. It is vital that you forge a connection with our psychotherapist that is comfortable so that you will be at ease during the process. If you’re holding back or having doubts, it isn’t possible to get the desired outcome. When you come in for an initial consultation, you will have an opportunity to determine your level of comfort. Sometimes, patients want to have a specific time when they will be considered “cured” or when they can end their therapy. In order to produce the results that are best for you, it’s not possible to set absolute deadlines. Instead, you and our psychotherapist will work on this together to make sure that you are getting the most out of your sessions and that progress is being made toward the eventual goal.

We encourage you to reach out to our Atlanta psychotherapist office right now to arrange an appointment to come in. Positive changes are not only possible, but can be your reality.

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Atlanta , Georgia 30309
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