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Couples Therapist in Midtown Atlanta

Psychotherapy for couples in Midtown Atlanta

Couples therapist in Midtown Atlanta

Couples therapist in Midtown Atlanta

At the Atlanta Psychiatric Consultation Center, our couples therapist in Midtown Atlanta specializes in couple’s therapy, medication management, psychotherapy and more. We have been serving the Atlanta, Georgia area for many years, and our doctor, Dr. Funmilayo Rachal, is a board certified adult and forensic psychiatrist. Dr. Rachal’s treatments allow for personalized care of each individual and promote wellness and improved functioning. Patients are supported fully during their healing processes, with access to care and treated in a respectful manner. Each plan is personalized based on each individual. Dr. Rachal can also integrate medication, if needed, into patient’s treatment plans.

Each session for new patients begins with an initial assessment of problems and issues that the patient would like to get past and find growth through. As a couples therapist in Midtown Atlanta, Dr. Rachal helps couples learn to communicate more fully in their relationships and to get over hurdles that keep them from connecting on a daily basis. Patients learn to cope with transitions such as separation or loss, and identify the areas of conflict that keep them from staying connected. New ways of interacting are suggested to help both increase their satisfaction within the relationship and to address issues such as sexual dysfunction and resentment.

Each individual has a specific set of needs that should be addressed, and Dr. Rachal is able to diagnose and treat these through an initial assessment that measures psychiatric, developmental and biological factors that can come into play and contribute to distress. Treatment modalities include talk therapy and careful use of medication, if needed. Our couples therapist in Midtown Atlanta can combine both psychotherapy and medication in one cohesive treatment plan. Integrated into one appointment, the treatment plan can address both psychotherapy and medication in one sitting rather than having the patient go to two different doctors.

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